Women’s Leadership Conference 2011

Woman and the Machine: Publishing, Technology, and the Female Brain


At the Exceptional Women in Publishing’s third annual Women’s Leadership Conference attendees heard from innovative entrepreneurs, print and online journalists, and creative and business leaders from a variety of publishing, media, and technology enterprises. The conference sessions explored the nearly ubiquitous use of technology and its impact on our work, our products, our lives, and even our brains. With the current pace of change, women need to go beyond just staying abreast of new technology, we need to continually reinvent ourselves, and our workplaces. Attendees of the conference had a chance to try out some of the latest digital devices, in the Demo Lounge.


Woman and the Machine: Publishing, Technology, and the Female Brain

Friday, February 25, 2011.

Fiona Ma, California State Assembly Speaker Pro Tem

and San Francisco Supervisors, Malia Cohen, Carmen Chu, and Jane Kim

City Club of San Francisco
155 Sansome Street, 11th floor
San Francisco, CA
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EWIP Honors Laurel Touby at Awards Luncheon

Laurel Touby

The Exceptional Woman in Publishing Award for 2011 is awarded to Laurel Touby, founder and senior vice president of mediabistro.com. The annual award is given to a woman in publishing who has achieved a high standard of professional excellence, has made extraordinary contributions to the publishing industry as a whole, and consistently offers guidance to others so they too may become outspoken leaders.

Touby is the thirteenth recipient of the EWIP award and joins a list of inspiring women, including Gloria Steinen, Ardie and Marie Rodale, Dorothy Kalins, and Katrina vanden Heuvel. The full list of exceptional women we have honored can be seen here.

Laurel Touby inspired the audience at the Women’s Leadership Conference luncheon on February 25, 2011 with her entertaining talk of10 Lessons Learned.

Conference Host, Speakers, and Moderators

Barb Newton

The host for the 2011 Women’s Leadership Conference was Barb Newton, president of Sunset Publishing Corporation. She introduced our special guests at the general sessions.

The following list of speakers guaranteed a fabulous day of women’s voices. The panel topics are listed here.

Jill Asher, publisher, Technorati Media
Holly Brady, new media consultant, formerly with the Stanford Publishing Courses
Deanna Brown, president and CEO, Federated Media Publishing
Madeleine Buckingham, president and CEO, Mother Jones
Kate Byrne, VP and general manager, technology groups, Future US
Lynn Carpenter, VP marketing, California Travel and Tourism Commission
Elisa Camahort Page, co-founder and COO, BlogHer
Christine C. Cook, SVP sales and advertising operations, The Daily
Frances Dinkelspiel, co-founder, Berkeleyside
Deirdre English, director of the Clay Felker Magazine Center at the Graduate School of Journalism, UC Berkeley
Michelle Fitzhugh-Craig, CEO and editor in chief, shades magazine
Jane Goldman, vice president, entertainment and lifestyle, CBS Interactive
Cheryl Goodman, director, global marketing and publishing liaison, Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, Inc.
Sarah Granger, journalist, new media strategist
Cristi Hegranes, founder and executive director, The Global Press Institute
Tatyana Kanzaveli, marketing director, Deloitte LLP’s Center for the Edge
Lois Kazakoff, deputy editorial page director, San Francisco Chronicle
Queena Kim, community editor, The Bay Citizen
Norma La Rosa, founder and president, Roozt.com
Rachel Lehmann-Haupt, author, editor, media consultant
Marjorie W. Martay, EVP for sales and marketing, Nomad Editions
Meg Mateo Ilasco, creative director, Anthology
Goli Mohammadi, senior editor, O’Reilly Media
Jeanniey Mullen, global EVP and CMO, Zinio
Barb Newton, president, Sunset Publishing Corporation
Michela O’Connor Abrams, president and publisher, Dwell Media
Sara Öhrvall, senior vice president, research and development, Bonnier Group
Sheila Robinson, publisher, Diversity Woman
Shari Slate, senior director of inclusion strategy, Cisco Systems
Claudia Smukler, production director, Mother Jones
Deborah M. Soon, SVP, strategy and marketing, Catalyst
Kara Swisher, co-producer, D: All Things Digital
Annie Vranizan, co-founder, Vivanista
Máire Walsh, vice president of sales and marketing, Next Steps Marketing
Nathalie Zee Drieu, editor in chief, Craft

Panel Sessions

We are fortunate to have so many exceptional women participating at this year’s Women’s Leadership Conference. Be sure to register for the conference now for your front row seat at the best publishing conference this year.

SESSION ONE – 9:20 – 10:10 a.m.

Woman and the Machine: Publishing, Technology, and the Female Brain
There have been many gains for women in the last forty years, but we still need a big push to increase the numbers heading up technology firms and choosing careers in science and engineering. Do women feel the sting of “stereotype threat” in start-up environments and other tech-heavy fields where men seem to jump in with both feet? Perhaps we’ll do better when we understand the wiring of our female brains? In this session, our panelists explore what happens when women embrace technology and build the machines of the digital age.
Sara Öhrvall, Bonnier Group
Rachel Lehmann-Haupt, author, media consultant
Deborah M. Soon, Catalyst (shown)
Moderator: Kara Swisher, D: All Things Digital

SESSION TWO – 10:25 – 11:15 a.m.

Reading the Future: Digital Magazines
What does the new generation of tablets and other digital reading devices mean for today’s publisher? Is this how we will all be reading magazines and consuming information? What is needed for more magazine publishers to create content for these digital reading devices? In this session, you will hear about some recent developments and studies on reading devices.
Jeanniey Mullen, Zinio
Cheryl Goodman, Qualcomm MEMS Technologies
Kate Byrne, Future US (shown)
Moderator: Marjorie W. Martay, Nomad Editions

SESSION THREE – 10:25 – 11:15 a.m.

Success Stories: Online to Print & Print to Online
The internet and devices like smart phones and eReaders, are rapidly changing the way people consume information. Print still has value and these panelists will discuss their own publications as successful examples of publications that went from print to Web-only and from Web to print.
Nathalie Zee Drieu, Craft
Jane Goldman, Chow
Meg Mateo Ilasco, Anthology
Moderator: Goli Mohammadi, O’Reilly Media

SESSION FOUR – 11:25 – 12:15 p.m.

Today’s Editors are Brand Managers
Gone are the days of truly separate editorial and business teams. Editors and content producers have evolved into brand managers, creating products for multiple platforms: for print, online, mobile, and any number of digital devices with multiple screen dimensions. The focus is on developing creative ways to deliver content across multiple platforms and social media networks reaching fans, subscribers, viewers, readers, and new audiences wherever they are. Editor’s are brand ambassadors. What does this really mean and how do the content producer and producing organizations work today?
Christine C. Cook, The Daily
Jane Goldman, Entertainment & Lifestyles, CBS Interactive
Lynn Carpenter Schumann, California Travel and Tourism Commission (shown)
Moderator: Lois Kazakoff, San Francisco Chronicle

SESSION FIVE – 11:25 – 12:15 p.m.

The Power and Pitfalls of Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media tools permeate our daily lives, particularly through the sharing of news and information. Twitter users are surprisingly adept as a news gathering community, Facebook is dominated by women, and new communities evolve overnight. This session will explore the art and science of how to use social media tools to extend your reach, engage your community, and be out there first with a big story. Our panelists will also identify the black holes where time can be infinitely sucked away, allowing instead for fruitful connections and personal and professional gain through these ever-expanding networks.
Kara Swisher, D: All Things Digital (shown)
Tatyana Kanzaveli, Deloitte LLP’s Center for the Edge
Elisa Camahort Page, BlogHer
Jill Asher, Technorati Media
Moderator: Sarah Granger, social media consultant

SESSION SIX – 2:00 – 2:50 p.m.

Makeover: Creating Your Own Virtual You
Have you hired your reputation protector consultant yet? In the digital world, where
Facebook postings you delete are never really gone, you can, and should, craft a virtual “you” that is a more complete and well-rounded than the business-only profiles of the past. Taking care to enhance your presence in the digital world will have benefits to you in the real one. Hear from our super-successful panelists how it helped them.
Deanna Brown, Federated Media Publishing (shown)
Kate Byrne, Future US
Moderator: Máire Walsh, Next Steps Marketing

SESSION SEVEN – 2:00 – 2:50 p.m.

Collaboration, Change, and Diversity
Lean times and dramatic shifts in the global economy have created new opportunities to shape a world that is better for women, better for the environment, with increased opportunity for everyone. Our speakers share their successes with stories on how they tackled some of our biggest problems with smart, collaborative solutions.
Sheila Robinson, Diversity Woman (shown)
Shari Slate, Cisco Systems
Moderator: Claudia Smukler, Mother Jones

SESSION EIGHT – 3:00 – 3:50 p.m.

Social Entrepreneurship
As the percentage of women in the workforce increases in numbers and their impact on organizations is felt more directly, are the values of companies changing too? How will the world change when more companies decide to do business with a triple bottom line focus (financial, environmental responsibility, social good)? Our panel of leaders have both the willingness and the means to make things happen. Come hear how social media is being used for social good.
Annie Vranizan, Vivanista (shown)
Cristi Hegranes, Global Press Institute
Norma La Rosa, Rootz
Moderator: Kate Byrne, Future US

SESSION NINE – 3:00 – 3:50 p.m.

“Local” Emerges in the Digital Newsroom
Innovative journalists armed with digital technologies have been joining together, creating nimble organizations that have become important new information sources. From the New York Times regional sites, to targeted community and micro local websites, these online endeavors are attracting our attention. Hear from our panelists on how their unique organizations work, how they got there, and who is hiring.
Michelle Fitzhugh-Craig, shades magazine (shown)
Frances Dinkelspiel, Berkeleyside
Queena Kim, The Bay Citizen
Moderator: Holly Brady, new media consultant

SESSION TEN – 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

The President’s Panel
What does publishing look like today? How will new technologies shape the way people read magazine media? Has a multi-platform strategy been successful and why? Where are the growth opportunities as the economic recovery takes hold? Hear more about what has worked for our panel of presidents, all of them leaders of top media brands.
Barb Newton, Sunset Publishing Corporation
Madeleine Buckingham, Mother Jones
Michela O’Connor Abrams, Dwell Media
Moderator: Deirdre English, Graduate School of Journalism, UC Berkeley (shown)

Sponsors for the Women’s Leadership Conference 2011

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