Women’s Leadership Conference 2010

Learn from the Past, Lead into the Future

We present some of the speeches, photos and videos of the inspiring events WIPP has been proud to produce for women in publishing. Please join WIPP and help shape the future of publishing.


2010 Women’s Leadership Conference

January 29, 2010 • San Francisco, California
Wipp has built a diverse community through regional events, social networking, and the annual Women’s Leadership Conference where many top thinkers in publishing, media, and communication technology come together to share their stories, insights, and experience.

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Finding Your Niche: Shaping the Media Revolution

As the media landscape changes dramatically around us, it is our wish that each and every one of us find a place in this new world, and continue to mold and shape it with our best and most creative ideas! Career and life choices abound in the convergence of old and new media, print and online, digital and live events, and the ways will communicate, yet to be discovered.

The Women in Periodical Publishing’s Women’s Leadership Conference explores these opportunities and encourage participants to become thought—and action—leaders. Big visions, lively panels, and hands-on sessions at the conference will help us all see where the industry, and the things we are passionate about are headed. Come and get your hands on some of the new technologies driving the media industry today. The conference offers fantastic networking opportunities, with forward-thinking women and men from all across the country.

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Dorothy Kalins

Dorothy Kalins, an Exceptional Woman

Women in Periodical Publishing presented the 2009 Exceptional Woman in Publishing award to Dorothy Kalins at the 2010 Women’s Leadership Conference in January. Ms. Kalins is widely recognized for her editorial leadership and her many contributions to the publishing industry. WIPP is proud to add Dorothy Kalins to the list of honorees from previous years who caught our attention including that includes Gloria Steinem, Bonnie Krueger, Ardie and Marie Rodale, and the 2008 recipient, Alix Kennedy. You can read the full speech by Dorothy Kalins, here.

Jane Goldman

Moderators and Speakers at WLC 2010

This year’s conference host is Jane Goldman, Editor-in-Chief & VP, Entertainment & Lifestyle, CBS Interactive

Michela O’Connor Abrams, president & publisher, Dwell
Cristina Azocar, director of SFSU’s Center for the Integration and Improvement of Journalism
Brandee Barker, director of corporate communications, Facebook
Mary K. Baumann, partner in design firm, Hopkins/Baumann
Heather Boerner, writer, editor, and career coach for solepreneurs
Lydia Chavez, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
Natalie Zee Drieu, senior editor, Craft
Amanda Edmonds, director of strategic partnerships, Google
Pat Fox, senior vice president & general manager, Active Interest Media
Elizabeth Gebhardt, founder & chief experience officer, (e.g.) ventures
Sarah Granger, journalist and new media strategist
Shaunice Hawkins, founder, Evolutions Consulting
Grace Hawthorne, co-founder of ReadyMade and consulting associate professor, Stanford d.School
Cindy Johanson, chief operating officer, The George Lucas Educational Foundation
Lynne D. Johnson, senior vice president social media, Advertising Research Foundation
Lois Kazakoff, deputy editor, editorial page editor, San Francisco Chronicle
Ivory Madison, founder, Redroom.com
Vicki Masseria, chief executive officer, Ascend Media
Tammy H. Nam, vice president, content and marketing, Scribd
Barb Newton, president, Sunset Publishing Corporation
Lou Ann Sabatier, principal, Sabatier Consulting
Thea Selby, principal, Next Steps Marketing
KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz, founder, Sustainable Life Media
Michele Slack, vice president of digital media, SFGate.com
Becky Stern, associate editor, Craft
Amra Tareen, founder and chief executive officer, allvoices.com
Lane Wallace, founder and editor, “No Map. No Guide. No Limits”
Máire Walsh, vice president of sales & marketing, Next Steps Marketing

… and more to come!

Deirdre English

Beyond Equality: How Women Can Change Publishing-and The World!

WIPP is proud to have Deirdre English, director of the Clay Felker Magazine Center at the Graduate School of Journalism, University of California at Berkeley, deliver the keynote speech at the Women’s Leadership Conference at 8:30 am on January 29, 2010.

Throughout her career she has maintained an interest in fostering women’s increasing social authority through the medium of magazine authorship. She will share her thoughts on how every woman in power, especially those in the media, has a responsibility, and a means, for playing a role in transforming society into a more humanistic and feminist place.

Thanks to our sponsors, the breakfast keynote presentation is free and open to everyone.

Deirdre English directs the nationally acclaimed Clay Felker Magazine Center, which is a leading multi-media and digital research and training facility. The Center serves as a forum for magazine writers and editors exchanging ideas about excellence in magazine journalism in a changing marketplace.

English is at the forefront of the current conversation about the future of magazine journalism. At the UC Berkeley Journalism school, English co-directed a conference on technology and journalism in partnership with the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism, and conferences on urban and environmental journalism among many other panels and events. While at Cal, English was awarded a Carnegie-Knight grant for publication of urban reporting, and has edited and published several print and digital publications, including Brink magazine, which won the 2009 Mark of Excellence awards for “Best Magazine” and “Best Feature Article.”

English is a former Editor-in-Chief of Mother Jones magazine, where in the 80’s she was one of the first women editors of a national magazine. Mother Jones is a non-profit that specializes in investigative reporting; English co-chaired the business and marketing side of the magazine and supervised all editing and design.

As a writer her work has appeared in numerous national publications including The New York Times Book Review, Salon.com and The Daily Beast. Recent publication includes a 2004 revision of a book co-authored with Barbara Ehrenreich, “For Her Own Good: Two Centuries of the Experts’ Advice to Women”; an essay on the photographer Susan Meiselas, published by Whitney Museum of American Art, 2003; and an academic article on teaching magazine journalism in graduate schools (2007).

English has hosted a political debate show on KQED TV and written documentary scripts for PBS. In academia, she was a co-founder of one of the nation’s first Women’s Studies programs, at the College at Old Westbury, State University of New York, where she pioneered a magazine publishing course with a National Humanities grant. She was also, with Barbara Ehrenreich, among the first published authors of The Feminist Press.


Panels and Speaker Sessions

We have put together a full day of presentations, panel discussions, workshops, and other special sessions to appeal to a variety of women and men in various stages in a media career. Here are some highlights. We will update as needed throughout January.

Where is the Media Revolution Headed?
Everyone involved in media has experienced a profound shift, with the Internet and social media having dramatically changed the publishing game. No doubt there are more changes ahead so we have assembled some of our best thinkers in this session to help us envision where we will be, and what we may be doing, ten years from now.

Speakers: Michela O’Connor Abrams, president & publisher, Dwell; Sarah Granger, journalist and new media strategist; Lynne D. Johnson, senior vice president social media, Advertising Research Foundation.

Moderator: Cindy Johanson, chief operating officer, The George Lucas Educational Foundation.

How Social Media Can Help You Grow your Business
How can you leverage the hundreds of millions of people that use social media networks each day? Our panel will discuss emerging best practices to help you convert these avid users to become loyal users of your content. Learn about the power of viral distribution and how to use social media to shape content and market your brand.

Speakers: Jennifer Lindsay, principal, Jennifer Lindsay Digital Consultancy; Ivory Madison, founder and CEO, Redroom; Tammy H. Nam, vice president of content and marketing, Scribd; Amra Tareen, founder and CEO, Allvoices.com.

Moderator: Susan West, former editor in chief, Afar

Diversity as a Unique Selling Proposition
Diversity in the age of Obama is no longer about “fitting in”, it’s about celebrating the unique abilities we all have. Join our panelists as they share how the increasingly diverse workplace has emerged as a hotbed of creativity.

Speakers: Shaunice Hawkins, founder, Evolutions Consulting; Goli Mohammad, associate managing editor, MAKE and CRAFT; Amra Tareen, founder and CEO, allvoices.com; Máire Walsh, vice president sales and marketing, Next Steps Marketing.

Moderator: Cristina Azocar, director of the Center for Integration and Improvement of Journalism, San Francisco State University.

Successful Branding for Solopreneurs
Publishing relies more and more on independent contractors to fill the ranks. These “solopreneurs” are the writers, editors, content providers, photographers, and graphic designers who have learned how to position themselves as consultants with a service niche. The solopreneurs in this panel session will share how they met the challenge of building a successful personal brand. If you work independently or find yourself at a crossroads in publishing then come explore how to manage an independent career that also has the right work/life balance.

Speakers: Heather Boerner, writer and editor; Lane Wallace, founder and editor, “No Map. No Guide. No Limits”; Grace Hawthorne, co-founder of ReadyMade and consulting associate professor, Stanford d.School.

Moderator: Holly Brady, consultant, and former director of the Stanford Publishing Courses.

Eye Power: Visual Trends in Design
Acclaimed designer, Mary K. Baumann, takes us on a tour of the current visual directions in publishing design. Insight is gathered from the graphically rich world around us–magazines, books, movies, and the Web. Her presentation will highlight innovative content, modern structures, shapes, imaging, color styles, and font fashions that grab our attention and communicate meaning more deeply.

Shepherding a Brand Across Multiple Platforms
Speaker: Michela O’Connor Abrams, publisher & president, Dwell

Creating Videos for the Web
YouTube is no longer just a repository of funny and cute videos. The short video format is now serious business and our panelists will show you how to leverage video to grow your business and enhance your brand. Watch as they create a three-minute Web video for a fictitious media company.

Speakers: Natalie Zee Drieu, editor in chief, Craft; Becky Stern, associate editor, Craft

Preserving Print: And Other Off-line Money Makers

Much of publishing has migrated online but the lion-share of the revenue still comes from the print side of the business. How long can this continue and what other off-line opportunities exist to keep the money coming in? Our panel will discuss: the ongoing debate over increased subscription prices; are circulation revenues–the last stream standing?; the rosy future of niche print publishing; and other important reasons why print may never die.

Speakers: Pat Fox, senior vice president & general manager, Active Interest Media; Barb Newton, president, Sunset Publishing Corporation; Koann Skrzyniarz, ceo, Sustainable Media.

Moderator: Lou Anne Sabatier, principal, Sabatier Consulting.

Building your Audience with Twitter and Facebook

Whether you’re a newbie who wants to learn the ropes, or are looking to get some best practice tips for using the social networking tools to grow your business, this overview will give you the information to get you started.

Speakers: Brandee Barker, director of communications, Facebook; Elizabeth Gebhardt, founder and chief experience officer, (e.g.) ventures.

Woman-to-Woman: The Alpha Female
What is the alpha female? How does her style differ from the alpha male? What are the ingrained expectations of a women’s leadership style that may need to be addressed in the workplace? What are the challenges for women in management and what are the takeaways for aspiring alpha females?

Speakers: Vicki Masseria, CEO, Ascend Media; Barb Newton, president, Sunset Publishing Corporation; Regina Ridley (Stanford, formerly Miller freeman); Koann Skrzyniarz, CEO, Sustainable Media.

Moderator: Sheila Robinson, Diversity Woman Media

Leveraging Online Money Makers as we Reinvent Publishing
With the dramatic decline of revenues from print advertising it is more important than ever for publishers to learn how to make money online. Our panelists will explore some emerging trends and technologies that may yet pan out. They will address: creative ways to monetize the Web with virtual goods, apps, and the mobile platform; “Small, Smaller, Smallest” is a trend in media to break up information into bite-sized pieces and distribute it everywhere; Niche publishing capitalizes on the power of microsites; What is print on demand–is it here to stay? If digital content migrates from the free model to pay model, will users buy in?

Speakers: Amanda Edmonds, director of strategic partnerships, Google; Lynn D. Johnson, senior vice president, Social Media Advertising Research Foundation; Ivory Madison, founder and CEO, Redroom.com; Tammy H. Nam, vice president content and marketing, Scribd

Moderator: Arwen O’Reilly Griffith, staff editor, Make magazine and Craft online.

The Daily Beat: Getting News in the 21st Century
Where and how do we get our daily local, regional, and international news? What constitutes a reliable news source anyway, and will we (and the general public) know how to tell the difference? Are the days of professionally researched and independently reported daily news a thing of the past? Are hyperlocal sites sustainable? Is anyone developing sustainable business models for independent newsrooms and media organizations?

Speakers: Lydia Chavez, professor, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism; Michele Slack, vice president of digital media, SFGate.com; Susan Mernit, editor/publisher, Oakland Local

Moderator: Lanita Pace Hinton, director of the Knight Digital Media Center, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

Career/Life Speed-Coaching Sessions

You have heard of speed dating. Well this goes one better–it’s actually worth your time! Conference attendees can schedule a personal 20-minutes session with one of the certified life and career coaches available during the conference to work through a specific challenge or opportunity you may be facing. This is just one of the innovations at this year’s conference to help you reach your career potential.

Quad Graphics

Wine & Chocolate Tasting Sponsored by Quad/Graphics

Wine & Chocolate Tasting
Following the conference WIPP’s industry partner WFMA (wfma.org), and our event sponsor, Quad/Graphics (www.qg.com) join together to host a spectacular wine and chocolate tasting at, Arclinea, the designer kitchen showroom directly across the street from The Westin.

The after-conference event is free and open to everyone in the Bay Area publishing and media community! So spread the word and join your friends and colleagues at a tasting event with something for everyone’s palate. Bottles and cases of all wines will be available for sale at extremely reasonable prices.

When: Friday, January 29, 2010, 5:30 pm -7:00 pm
Cost: Free to everyone
Venue: ArcLinea
91 Third Street
(across from the Westin Hotel)
Who should attend: EVERYONE
Wines by Alan’s Wine Cellar. Chocolates are from Chocolatier Blue.



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