EWIP Awards Dinner Menu

Catered by  La Cocina & Mixiote
6-9 p.m. 


Chipotle Cream Chicken Enrollado
Chicken breast rolls stuffed with spinach and cheese
Vegetable Mixiote
Portobello mushroom, carrots and cauliflower cooked in banana and avocado leaves with mixiote sauce served with red onion escabeche and cilantro
Corn kernels seasoned with onion, serrano chile and epazote leaves served with queso cotija on top
Cilantro Rice
Jasmine rice infused with cilantro and green pepper
Spring mix with jicama, oranges and lemon dressing

Catered by Nia Soul  
Fruit cobbler


Program and menu subject to change. 

2018 Speakers | Moderators | Presenters | Awardees

Meet the speakers, moderators and session coordinators:*

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Conference 
4 to 6 p.m. Publisher’s Marketplace 

  Jessica Balboni | Vintage Comics Writer and Host of Escapist Comics Podcast

  Stephanie Garma Balon, MA Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

  Jahna Berry Head of Content Operations, WIRED

  Lydia Chávez | Founder and Executive Editor, Mission Local.

  Dani Colman Comics Writer and Editor

  Michelle Fitzhugh-Craig President, Exceptional Women in Publishing; CEO/Editor-in-Chief, shades Magazine

  Alicia Garza (via Skype) Founder, Black Futures Lab; Co-Founder, Black Lives Matter

  Sarah Glover |  Social Media Editor, NBCUniversal; President, National Association of Black Journalists

  Megan Griffo Editor-in-Chief, The Mighty

  Angela Hill Freelance Journalist

  Aubrie Johnson Social Media Associate, Wikimedia Foundation

  LaNiece Jones Managing Director, lajones&associates; Executive Director, BWOPA/TILE

  Rachel Khong Former Executive Editor, Lucky Peach magazine; Author, “Goodbye, Vitamin”

  Lila LaHood Publisher, San Francisco Public Press

  Ellen Lee Independent Journalist

  Thomas Lee Writer, Blogger; Author, “Rebuilding Empires”

  Faviola Leyva Multimedia Journalist, One Day magazine

  Andria Lo Photographer, Chinatown Pretty
& Valerie Luu Writer, Chinatown Pretty

  Christi Morales-Kumasawa Associate Marriage and Family Therapist; Former TV Reporter

  Beth Bich Minh Nguyen Author, “Stealing Buddha’s Dinner,” “Short Girls,” “Pioneer Girl”

  Aimee Phan Author, “The Reeducation of Cherry Truong,” “We Should Never Meet: Stories”

  Kendra Poppy Audience Growth Editor, Sunset magazine

  Emilie Raguso Editor, Berkeleyside

  Trina Robbins Comics Illustrator and Writer

  Joanne Rocklin Author, “Love, Penelope”

  Indhira Rojas Founder, Anxy magazine

  Katherine Ann Rowlands Owner, Bay City News

  Dashka Slater Author, “The Wishing Box,” “Escargot,” “The 57 Bus”

  Sylvia Tang, MPP Community Health Planner, San Mateo County Office of Diversity and Equity Behavioral Health & Recovery Services

  Tara Taylor Content Writer, Tara Taylor Media

  Jennifer Inez Ward Journalist and Photographer

  Laurie A. Watkins Author, “Go from Stressed to Strong: Health & Fitness Advice from High Achievers”

  Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson Comics Historian; Author, “DC Comics Before Superman”

  Maya Wong Editorial Assistant, Sunset magazine

  Carolyn Wysinger Host/Producer, The C-Dubb Show

*Partial list of confirmed conference participants. Subject to change. Check back for updates and additions.

6 to 8:30 p.m. – Awards Dinner | Catered by  La Cocina & Mixiote (tickets sold separately)
Dinner menu

Join us to honor our special guests:

Breaking News Coverage Award
Catherine Barnett and Annika Toernqvist
, The Press Democrat  

  Breaking the Glass Ceiling Award
Katherine Ann Rowlands, Owner, Bay City News

  President’s Award
Kristen Go, Managing Editor for National News, USA TODAY

Check back for more details.

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  Janice Lee Conference Chairwoman


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2018 Conference Preview


This year’s Speakers, Moderators and Awardees!

The conference program* will include the following sessions (updated 9/14/18):

Morning Plenary: The New Era of Women in Publishing: Media, Mentoring and #MeToo
Publishing is a powerful tool to counter misogyny, sexism and racism. What are the opportunities for women entering media and publishing? What are the opportunities for those trying to break through the glass ceiling? What do we need to do to support one another to ensure our sustainability and success? Join us for this insightful conversation with next generation thought leaders.

Our Local News: A Call To Arms
From multiple fronts, local media, the bedrock of journalism, is facing deep threats. Cutbacks, newspaper closures, profit pressures, and declining readership are wreaking havoc. A panel of journalists, media and community folks talk about what we can do to turn the tide. Beyond sharing stories, the forum starts a new collective conversation about how to address the imperative need for developing a healthy local journalism ecosystem.

Inside the World of Children’s Literature
The children’s book market is growing at a faster clip than the overall book market, according to NPD Book. This panel will offer a peek inside the world of children’s literature: How do authors break in? How hard is it to publish a children’s book? And how is the children’s literature industry different from the rest of the market

Owning Your Story Instead of Your Story Owning You
Authors of color, especially Asian Americans, have historically faced a tough time breaking into mainstream popular culture. Over 25 years, Hollywood has only adapted two books from Asian American authors, Amy Tan’s “The Joy Luck Club” and Kevin Kwan’s “Crazy Rich Asians.” Publishers have mostly focused on those who write memoirs or fictional stories about Asians. Are Asian American authors being pigeonholed? Can an Asian American author find a mainstream audience writing a book that has nothing to do with being Asian?

Standing Out in an Oversaturated Market
In a competitive market of publishers, bloggers and social media influencers, it’s not enough to have gorgeous photos to develop an audience anymore. Learn how journalists balance promoting their work while remaining authentic in a world with an influx of “content creators.” Explore what it takes to develop a digital presence through Instagram.

Mental Illness: Storytelling Without Stigma
Stories about suicide, addiction, trauma, and depression are in the news everyday with coverage that often creates misconceptions. While many stories merely scratch the surface, a growing number of media outlets are going beyond to lay bare the complexity and humanity of mental illness and mental health issues. This panel will provide analysis of how news and digital media cover these difficult topics and how to responsibly report, write, photograph, and illustrate stories that explore these very human conditions without promoting stigma.

How Tech Is Changing the Publishing World
Explore the opportunities that traditionally trained journalists face when making career changes and when they must adapt to the constantly evolving world of the web, social media and blogs. Learn about paid opportunities for freelancers and the role of citizen journalists to have their messages heard.

When Mission is Your Message
Women are playing a pivotal role in major political and social justice movements across the country and around the globe. Learn effective strategies to engage your generation and the next generation to build networks using communications technology.

Generations of Women in Comics
As the public’s interest in comic books grows, this industry is expanding for a whole new generation of women in publishing. Learn about the challenges of the pioneers, and hear how young creators bring you feminist characters and women’s empowerment stories. Join in the conversation to find out what role we can all play in supporting the creative work of writers and illustrators in this industry.

Also: A conference Publishers’ Marketplace, which will feature meet-and-greet opportunities with published women, veteran journalists and emerging talent, as well as opportunities to purchase books and products that support and empower women.

And: The awards dinner, which will include a presentation of  EWIP’s Woman of the Year, a buffet dinner, entertainment and more networking opportunities.

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