An Exceptional Day

In the elegant Julia Morgan ballroom in downtown San Francisco attendees of the EWIP Women’s Leadership Conference and Award Luncheon watched as Kara Swisher accepted the 2014 Exceptional Woman in Publishing Award.

The audience of 250 mostly professional women were charmed by her wit and stories.  She began by mentioning the definition of the “exceptional” and was pleased to discover, that in addition to its meaning as “outstanding, remarkable, and excellent,” it also means “unusual, abnormal, and weird.” Being abnormal, Swisher admitted, has been a positive thing in her profession.

ewip14award-karaswisherSwisher found success by grasping what the Internet meant early on and deeply understanding the consequences of the next new thing out of Silicon Valley. She has chronicled the emergence of digital technologies as the grand disruptor of old media and continues to gain insight, she says, by watching her young sons and other digital natives, interact with media from a whole new set of expectations.

The 2014 EWIP conference featured dozens of speakers in ten sessions covering a range of topics. To learn more about EWIP, watch the videos at our YouTube channel. Video by Stacey McKenzie. Check us out and view photos on Facebook. Connect with others on LinkedIn and if want to be notified about our future events and happenings be sure to sign up on our mailing list.

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The 6th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference is now behind us. We are putting together photos and video for the event and will have some to share with you soon. In the meantime, we want you to talk back to us. From the opening keynote on leadership to the final session with some exceptional videos and stories from our special guests, the conference was filled with wise words and hard-won insights from the everyday exceptional people who helped make the event something worth talking about. The EWIP organizers extend the warmest THANK YOU to every person involved in the EWIP Conference.

With your feedback we can make it even better.

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EWIP 2014 selfie courtesy of Máire P. Walsh

The Voices of EWIP 2014

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EWIP 2014 Is Almost Here

EWIP_WLC2014_180x150The 2014 EWIP Conference program is available online. Join your colleagues on March 6th, for the all-female lineup with over 40 speakers participating in 10 stimulating sessions designed to inform you, inspire you, and help you be exceptional. The day starts early, with registration opening at 8:00 AM. We will have coffee waiting for you as the Leadership Keynote begins at at 8:45. I toured the Mechanics Exchange Building recently with some of my EWIP colleagues and we are  excited that in a few days the gorgeous Julia Morgan Ballroom and Merchants Exchange Conference Club (directions) will be teaming with energy, enthusiasm, and true connectedness, the hallmark of our event—IRL. Check out the schedule and program descriptions, there are something for everyone; and you will have to make some choices during the morning and afternoon breakout sessions. The highlight for the day is the 2014 EWIP Awards luncheon. We honor the insightful award-winning journalist, Kara Swisher. And, as is our tradition, the previous year’s honoree, the gracious Deanna Brown, will be there to present the crystal award to the 16th exceptional woman in publishing. A wine reception, in the Julia Morgan Lounge, offers the opportunity to network with speakers and attendees following the event.

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