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10 Lessons Learned by a Party Girl on her way to Tech CEO

Laurel Touby

Laurel Touby was honored with the 2011 Exceptional Woman in Publishing Award in San Francisco at EWIP’s third annual Women’s Leadership Conference. The sparkling and energetic honoree inspired the audience with the story of her unsuspecting rise from party host for freelance writers and editors to the CEO of mediabistro.com, a website for professionals working in media-related fields. In 2007, she sold the company for $23 million to Jupitermedia (now Web Media Brands). She is proud of her achievements (obviously, so are we) and remains involved with the business. Today, mediabistro.com has a million registered users with more than 12 million page views a month.

Touby charmed the conference attendees with her insightful “10 LESSONS“. The full speech is available on her personal blog, Culture Tripping.











Photo credit: Kathryn MacDonald

8 Responses to 10 Lessons Learned by a Party Girl on her way to Tech CEO

  • Thea says:

    My favorite: bluff when necessary. Something that is hard for a lot of women, but can be so rewarding.

    • Connie says:

      Great post, Daniel, as always. I am so seriously ticked off about the whining from the TERRORISTS and their treasonous syamzthipers that I wrote this:Screw them. You are quoted from and linked to there.

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      • Kaiden says:

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